MY Fashion Magazine is about style. It is a special corner on the web, the small escape when you need some inspiration, when you desire to look at something beautiful or when you simply need to waste few minutes. Here you will always find just the perfect balance between fun and good, between luxury and reality. At MY Fashion Magazine we believe that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful but at the same time that a good designer piece never always find its spot in our closets.


Hi, I am Ana and just like many other fashion/style/etc. bloggers I also have a law degree that I find completely useless. I decided long ago that law is fancy only on television and started looking for other fields/hobbies that I loved. Creating MY Fashion Magazine came pretty naturally and I’ve been enjoying every moment of it so far. I am looking forward to new adventures.

It’s very unlikely that you will see me do lots of video tutorials (but hey let’s be surprised) but I will however share the news from fashion and beauty world with lots of styling ideas and pieces I love/find/get.

I’m available for your questions or comments at ana@my-fashionmagazine.com.