A story to tell: Art de Parfum

When I hold a bottle of perfume, it always seems intriguing to me. This is not just a bottle of perfume; it is a story that needs to be told. Each perfume has its own way how it was created and it depends on its creator. It’s always the question where the flowers have been harvested, what flowers or fruit did they use, what was the ratio between different scents or perhaps even what inspired this scent. The story of  a perfume is not just that it was created, it is a love relationship between the fragrance and the creator. For creator of niche perfumery Art de Parfum, Ruta Degutyte, we can say all of this is true. She found her love and passion in perfumes and is now unstoppable in her inspiration to find a scent that will delight people. She shared how it all began and what brought her to this very specific perfume world.

Creator of Art de Parfum Ruta Degutyte

You have quite a business background. How does it feel creating your dreams now that you are doing what you love?

Yes, it feels amazing indeed. I have never been happier and more fulfilled in my life.

Trusting yourself and one’s instincts about what is right for business. Making and selling fragrance is a tricky business because you have to figure out how to make something so intimate, so personal relatable to people on a larger scale.

Does it get difficult at all?

Depends on the perspective of the things. Being in highly competitive industry keeps me alert and on my feet most of the time. However, I am used to lots of pressure, so I find it rather exciting.

Tell us what inspired you to start creating perfumes?

Perfumes was my expensive hobby for quite a while now. However, I never quite thought or planned thoroughly to own a perfume line until I went to South of France and met a few people from the industry that opened my eyes as well as new opportunities.

What does the process of creating a perfume looks like?

I don’t think you can put creating a perfume in any structure. It’s a like inspiration either you have it or you don’t. I never push the things or put it into a strict timeframe as I believe in natural flow of ideas and their realisation. Theoretically, it’s concept creating, formulation, sourcing of ingredients and packaging, testing and launching.

What do you love the most in this process?

I really love sourcing the ideas and ingredients, however, mostly assessing and testing final scents. It’s like looking at a newly born baby. I also highly appreciate the feedback of new scents of my panel groups and friends.

Which was the first perfume you created? Tell us its story…

Excentrique Moi was the first one in the line.  I was inspired by how we all can change one moment to the next. I think our personalities are not entirely fixed. So there’s an exciting shift between bitter and spicy, sweet and innocent in this perfume.

We can be all four seasons in one day. The notes are deliberately balanced between sweet, cozy accords such as hibiscus, black tea, spicy dried fruits, and bright lemon, and then a wilder, sexier green side brought in by the bitter herbs.

As more and more people wear my perfumes, I am curious to find out what the personal associations are for them. These perfumes are, after all, not about me, but about those who wear them. That’s as it should be.


What kind of perfumes do you create? And who for?

I create fragrances that are long lasting (extrait de parfum concentration), scents for various occasions either for sea lovers (Sea Foam), statement perfumes like Excentrique Moi and Signature Wild, vigorous Gin and Tonic Cologne as well as alluring elegant Sensual Oud.

Identifying a niche where you fit in is very important. Our fragrances appeal to sensualists and to minimalists alike, so that’s obviously a gap need that I want to fill. Art de Parfum is the antithesis of a mass-market fragrance brand – we are small, intimate, and highly curated. Our products appeal to a specific market, people who are looking for something really special and individual. I like to think of the people who choose Art de Parfum fragrances as classy iconoclasts a secret, crazy sensual side.

In what way is Art de Parfum better from any other perfume brand?

I take ethics very seriously. I believe that everyone has the right to a small, portable piece of beauty in their lives, be it a bottle of my perfume or an exquisite painting. But I don’t believe that animal cruelty should be part of the price tag.

Our products are all cruelty-free, nano-free, and GMO-free. Our bottles are made from recyclable materials and our packaging is all biodegradable. It took time and effort to ensure that our business was ethical from top to toe, but it is worth it.

Also, all the raw materials used in my perfumes are ethically sourced. I make sure that our perfumer doesn’t use any raw material that has a question mark of its sustainability, ethical harvesting, or impact on local hunting and farming communities. I don’t use any animal-derived products either. If you want to see our full range of promises on ethics and animal cruelty, please go to our website,, and you’ll find all the information you need there.

We also do not use any colorants. So the fragrances we make are of its natural color. The real color of pure juice.

What can a perfume “give” to its wearer?

Aesthetic satisfaction, confidence, feeling good sensation, style, uniqueness, boost of positive energy, I hope (smiles).

What should a woman (or a man) pay attention to when choosing a fragrance?

The occasion I suppose is the most important. The fragrance may be inappropriate if worn at the wrong occasion. Imagine you are on a formal meeting wearing something very overpowering.

What do you personally seek in fragrances? What is your favourite scent?

I always seek to wear a fragrance that is fitting me, my personality and style. I put more air on a bright side of fragrance, however, I might surprise myself with something very different from what I described. The perfume is also highly emotional choice. Sometimes you feel for a certain scents and also stay loyal to the ones you love.


Dress or fragrance – what is more important for a woman?

Both. It comes in a duet. The fragrance is only an enhancement of the style of a man or a woman.

Where can we find Art de Parfum?

In Bloom Perfumery, Covent Garden or online: at the moment.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently working on a new scent which will be launched worldwide in a few months time.


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