Easter edit

Easter is only a week away and stores are full of Easter stuff already. Well they have been for weeks but Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs and colours like yellow, green, pink and blue didn’t have much influence on me until now. Now I am fully aware that it isn’t long now that I will eat too much, sleep too much and forget about healthy lifestyle for one weekend.

That’s Easter. It had been and it always will be. However Easter is also a spring holiday and we like that it is sunny, warm and joyful. Because it is the signifier of the arrival of spring,because we know that days will get longer, that we will get more sun and that we will be able to bring colourful clothes form our closet.

So this story has one big theme written all over it: EASTER. It is inspired by all the colours that you can spot practically anywhere. At the same time it is also the first spring edit that lets us know that it’s not long now until winter gets completely forgotten. Pastels in all shades are the theme of Easter edit.

Easter1. Hobbs bag (£149) – coat (£639) – airfield.at3. Links of London Bunny Charm (£50) –; 4.Bonprix trousers (£26.99) –; 5.Roland Mouret dress (£2495) –; 6.David Hampton Wallet (£110) –; 7.Ted Baker Watch (£121) –; 8.Alex Jay Clutch (£185) –; 9.Lola Rose Ring (£165) –

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