Dry skin brushing

There’s nothing better than clear and bright skin. That’s why it is very important that you don’t neglect your skin care. Regular exfoliation and everyday use of moisturizer do miracle but there is one secret recipe that not only makes your skin look good from the outside but also has all the good benefits on your body. And it is cost efficient.

Dry skin brushing is part of Ayuverda’s cleansing philosophy and has both beauty and health benefits. With regular dry skin brushing you remove all dead skin cells but also help lymph system to do its work. As we lose one third of toxins through our biggest organ it is especially important to leave the pores clear, remove all obstacles and allow skin to breathe. Not only is this way our skin active but that also causes that the toxins are safely removed from our body system whereas if we neglect it they stay in our body which results in loss of energy and bad health.


Benefits of dry skin brushing

There are so many good benefits of dry skin brushing:

  • It is an excellent exfoliator as it removes dead skin cells, cleaning the skin and keeping it fresh, vibrant and free of breakouts.
  • It stimulates production of oil what gives skin more moisture but also help it against premature ageing.
  • Regular brushing also stimulates blood circulation and the result is that the toxins move thought the body faster.
  • Another good benefit is that it increases the muscle tone and reduces the appearance of cellulite which makes a good excuse to start practicing it now to be ready to show your legs in shorts.
  • As it is part of Ayuverda’s cleansing philosophy dry skin brushing is recognized as a miraculous treatment and the rejuvenated skin cells and nervous system and strengthen immune system just confirm all the good properties.


How to dry brush your skin?

Get yourself a brush with natural bristles but you can also use loofah. Don’t use synthetic or nylon brushes as they may damage your skin.

If you are new to skin brushing practice it three times a week until your skin gets used to it as it turns a bit pink every time you are doing it. This is totally normal. Once you know how your skin takes this treatment you can do it every morning before taking the shower. Always dry skin brush before taking the shower, you don’t want your skin nor your brush to be wet.

Begin with the left side of your body and with legs. Start at your feet and ankles, move upward the leg towards your heart with circular motions.  Follow the way lymphatic fluids flows through your body. Move to your stomach and make clockwise circles. Then do your back, chest, neck and arms. Don’t forget the back of your arms.

Avoid the face and don’t brush over sensitive, inflamed, soar and sun burnt skin.

After you are done washing and your skin is slightly pinky take a shower to remove all dead cell and other impurities. Apply a moisturizer to nourish the skin.

With regular skin brushing your skin will stay young and fresh, collagen production will remain on high level and surprisingly the skin will have more moisture than before.

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