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Luxury is much more than buying fancy stuff. It is a whole package and includes every single detail we as customers desire. Or as they say it at fashionette, a go-to online address for designer handbags, luxury is to buy yourself the bag you really love. If designers’ handbags are your desire, you won’t’ be disappointed. Established luxury brands as well as young design talents and coveted premium labels can all meet your style at; bags are their real passion and they have over 4,000 of them carefully chosen by style experts to meet even the most demanding client. Giorgina Renken, Senior Brand Manager at fashionette, says there is a statement piece for every woman and we couldn’t agree more.

Hello Giorgina, what makes fashionette really so special?

At fashionette, we really go the extra mile. While you’d struggle to find another comparable website in the UK that genuinely puts their customer first, the team at fashionette will look at ALL the factors that really drive the science behind a bargain – from market research, trend prediction and sales, our buyers use their e-commerce expertise to offer the very best handbags and accessories that are guaranteed to last our buyers season upon season – you wouldn’t find that at very many stores!


How did the story begin?

The fashionette story started in 2008 with the dream to have a platform that grants you access to the most beautiful things in life. Dr. Fabio Labriola, Ronald Reschke and Dr. Sebastian Siebert launched this platform in Germany with a special focus on designer handbags, they wanted to be the expert platform for such a personal product.

Who is your typical customer?

fashionette ensures all customers have the freedom to love a certain style or designer, choosing her statement it-piece to go with every outfit. fashionette is unique and the same goes for our customers.  A bag isn’t just a bag – it’s a personal statement and an ultimate expression of individualism and personality, fashionette is for women who live the way they want, not the way they should.

Why do you like bags so much?

I love handbags because you never regret buying one! A beautiful and good quality handbag is a fashion investment which will last season after season. High-end and exclusive styles as well as the classics are proving more profitable than ever and it’s the perfect time to invest in a timeless handbag!

What should in your opinion a good bag offer? What does it have to have to get to fashionette?

We know the most important thing to women in a handbag is quality. We ensure each bag has an outstanding quality, is long-lasting and timeless with style season after season so it can be used again and again. We want all of our bags to be that ‘IT bag’ for each customer – making sure there is a bag out there for everyone!


Do you follow fashion trends with your selection of bags, shoes and accessories?

Yes we do, we have an expert team of fashion buyers who are continually liaising with designers and keeping up with trends appearing on the catwalk and during Fashion Weeks. Our buyers will attend these shows and ensure we are making orders with these designers from the more classic styles, as well as those statement bags appearing in the press.

How do you define luxury?

At fashionette luxury is to buy yourself the bag you really love. This can of course be defined through the material, quality and design. There’s no doubt, a label can make a bag luxury, but this comes with trusted and beautiful craftwork from renowned industry designers such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel and more.

What is a fashion rule you swear by?

Whatever your outfit, you can always make it that statement look with a good handbag. Think about the numerous amount of celebs snapped at the airport or going shopping – dress down for comfort and style it up with a statement designer handbag.

Who is your favourite designer?  

I have so many it’s hard to choose, and it changes from season to season. One designer who really stood out for me for SS17 is Furla. Each season is a pleasant surprise with added personalities in each bag. My particular favourites were the jungle themed bags – a zebra, lion, panther and more, Furla is a go-to brand for a classic crossbody, with added elements in each collection.


What was your first designer piece and how did you get it?

I’ll never forget my first handbag, it was an investment piece and a very classic designer handbag by Tod’s. I discovered it on a girls’ shopping trip. At first, I was hesitant to buy it because of the high value, but after some days thinking about it, I could not resist! I always tell myself, it’s my money to invest and there’s no better way to do that than by purchasing a beautiful, high quality handbag you can use again and again each season.


In what way can working woman refresh her wardrobe, give it a personal touch? Can a bag stand up for it?

A new handbag can make any woman feel like she has refreshed her wardrobe. A classic such as a Jet Set Travel by Michael Kors or a textured handle bag like the Nymphaea Satchel by Gucci could redefine a women’s wardrobe for the rest of the season, making it that timeless piece to keep coming back to.

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