Spring hair care

When spring comes we just can’t wait to get rid of coats and boots and replace them with light jackets and airy sneakers. The seasonal wardrobe change is what we are all looking forward too. Most of us even remember to make a refresh of our makeup bag and switch the heavy creams with light moisturizers, covering foundations with BB creams and makeup colours with bright hues. However how many of you remember about your hair?

You should. With lack of humidity, cold air and wind winter is not the easiest season for our skin and hair. Chances are that yours strands are dry and are prone to breakage. Chances are that your hair lack shine and moisture. What can you do? The answer is simple – change how you care for your hair.

  1. Visit your hairdresser

First step that will restore your hair shine is a stop by your hairdresser to dust away fried, broken ends. Getting rid of split ends will reduce breakage, lessen flyaway strands and make hair look thicker. On top of that it will give you a refreshed look. You don’t need to get a major cut (unless of course you are all in for a new look) – just a little bit is enough.


  1. Change shampoo and conditioner


It’s like how we change our clothes for airier looks, we should also change our shampoo and conditioner for something that is not so moisturizing but restores shine. In winter we tend to give our hair more moisture but spring has enough humidity in the air that adding it via hair products isn’t necessary anymore.

I like Schwarzkopf Professional BC Peptide Repair Rescue Shampoo (£11.10) and Conditioner (£12.30) that were designed especially for damaged, distressed hair. Peptides are known in skincare for supporting the skin’s elasticity. In haircare, peptides refill the damaged cortex by rebuilding the hair’s inner architecture.

Green-PeopleHowever if you prefer more natural cosmetic, Green People has amazing Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner. Artichoke boasts deep cleansing properties to remove mineral deposits which could be causing dullness, while quinoa adds volume. Available from for £9.95 each.




  1. Give your hair some pampering


Treat your hair the same way you treat your skin. A hair mask once a week will help your hair become healthier in just few weeks. While there are several masks out there to do the pampering I really enjoy Lee Stafford CHoCo LoCKs BuTTer Cream TREaTMEANT as it is a guilt free chocolate luxury. And it created soft, glossy hair that smells scrumptiously chocolatey. Available from for £7.99.


  1. Fight the Frizz


Rain and more humidity in air may cause more frizz in the spring. A hair serum that helps you fight with the frizz is for sure something worth having around. Mashooq’s Hair Serum is great as it reduces frizz and add sheen. You can use it every day or as you please; simply apply it to damp hair before styling or on dry hair after styling. Available from for £12.99.


  1. Add vitamins


Grow longer and stronger hair and nourish them from within with some vitamins. The seasonal change is stressful also for your hair so they need a bit of a boost to restore the shine. Hairburst Healthy Hair Vitamins will improve overall hair health, increase hair strength, improve hair elasticity and reduce hair breakage thanks to collagen & MSM, Biotin & Silica and Vitamins A, B’s , C & D. Available from for £24.99 (one month supply).



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