Flared jeans comeback

In my early 20’s I swore on flared jeans. I was obsessed with flared jeans and heels and to be honest, I believed that trousers have to come as far as the shoe heel. It was sacred for me that only the front part of the shoes was seen. Now imagine me in the rain and you will get the picture. However few years later it was Victoria Beckham who mastered the heels and flared jeans look, made it to perfection while teaming them with plain white T-shirt. While I am skinny jeans and slim fit trousers kind of girl today, the Beckham look did made me want to think twice before buying new pair of jeans.

And not just her. Lately we can spot flared jeans everywhere. They were here last year and they are here for this spring. They are certainly coming back but in much modern way. And daring as hell. They do give a bit of 70’s feel to every wardrobe but this style should be one of the most flattering.

Celebrities are of course on the last trend wagon and they can give a bit of switch to every look.

Victoria Beckham makes everything so fashionable.
I love how Alessandra Ambrosio teamed them with crop top and booties. She opted for high-waist option and this style really works for all tall girls.
Combination of flared jeans, white blouse and black sandals reminds of the 70’s but Kirsten Dunst shows it is still very modern.
With blazer they look professional but if you choose blazer like Emily Ratajkowski you will look hot and daring.


Do you love the comeback of this trend? Have a look at few styles that would work for everyone:

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