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Head over to and you’ll be welcomed by a happy beautiful German girl Leonie. You will be instantly overwhelmed by her smile that will make the entire surfing experience joyful and fun. Always smiling means Leonie loves her work and if you love what you’re doing means you are doing it well. This is clearly the case at where having fun means posing in amazing collections the blonde German styles on her own and are captured for the camera by her loving boyfriend. Her style is defined by ponchos, oversize knits and cape coats and has the touch of the everyday glamour everyone is looking for.


Hi Leonie, tell us something about yourself …

I am a twenty something girl from Hamburg, Germany! After high school I travelled around the world and afterwards I knew that I would love doing something creative and free that allows me to meet new people and see new places! Now I am blogging at .

I love that you’re always smiling on photos; clearly you love what you’re doing. What inspired you to start blogging and how long do you do it?

I had the idea to start a personal style blog early, but I decided to finish university and work some time before I finally “took the risk” and started working on my dreams! I launched the blog about a year ago – and it was the best decision I ever made!

How would you describe your style?

Hmm… I guess it’s a mixture of chic, playful and edgy – simply everything that feels good to me!

What is your everyday inspiration?

Inspiration happens everywhere! I’m never planning purchases – I just fall for beautiful and unique pieces and then outfit ideas and stories pop up in my head! I love to browse through fashion images on Instagram and Pinterest and wander around boutiques!


Who is your favourite fashion person?

There are many people that inspire me, but I really like Leandra Medine – she interprets fashion in a witty and humorous and unique way!

Best style advice you got so far?

Always show your personality!

You obviously love oversized knits and cape coats. Are these the favourite pieces from your wardrobe and what are some of the best pieces for winter?

You got me! 🙂 I love, love, looove wearing skinny pants and combine it with oversized pieces such as knitwear and capes! It would be a miracle seeing me in a tight top or shirt! 😉 I also love over knee boots  (!!!) and huge scarves in winter!

What do you splurge on?

I always go crazy during Zara sale. It happens twice a year and I even wrote some posts about how to get the craziest bargains during Zara sale! 🙂

What colours do you love wearing in winter?

Easy: black! Nothing can go wrong when wearing black! You can look effortless, cool or ever super chic just wearing this one colour! But I also love to play around with surprising colours such as pastels or a bright blue in winter!

Heels or flats?

Heels – they make me feel feminine and powerful even on bad days! 🙂


You never leave your home without?

My iphone – I would feel lost!

What are some of your interests beside fashion and blogging?

I love travelling! Nothing makes me happier than discovering a new place and meeting new people! My favourite places I’ve visited the last years were Hawaii, Israel and Thailand! Furthermore, I couldn’t live without music! I’ve always been a dancer and I could listen to music 24/7!

If you could do anything in the world what would that be?

I would love to travel around the world with my boyfriend (who is also the one taking the pictures for the blog!).

What is your “safe” party outfit for Friday night out?

A black asymmetric dress over really skinny pants is a very fashionable and good decision – even for colder days! And I would always wear black killer heels! 🙂


The article was first published on my-fashionmagazine in January 2015.


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