5 tips to treat acne on normal skin

Oily skin is not the only skin type where acne occur. Different breakouts are typical for every skin type. Sometimes a pimple breaks out because we ate something that wasn’t balanced with our diet or because our skin was too sweaty and pores were clogged, it can even happen to get a breakout after a facial – it is just a way your skin is detoxifying. But while acne are unpleasant there are some super easy ways to treat them.

  1. Cleansing

Everything starts with cleansing. Cleanse your face effectively but gently, using only gentle face washes. Opt for ingredients that cleanse effectively but are not too harsh for your skin. Soap for instance is a good gentle cleanser. All Naturals Lemon and Spearmint Soap (€6.39/£4.99/$7.29 from is especially great for acneic skin. Lemon has antiseptic properties, spearmint works refreshing while Aloe Vera soothes.

  1. Exfoliate

This is part of cleansing routine. While you need to wash your face in the morning and in the evening to get rid of all impurities, exfoliate your skin once or twice per week to remove the dead skin cells and allow your skin to breathe. ZENii’s Sylicylic Acid Exfoliator (€39/£35/$49 from is developed especially to treat acne, blackheads and congested, dull skin. It works by breaking down the bonds that keep dead skin cells together, unclogging pores and keeping excess oil at bay for a glowing, perfected complexion.

It’s Skin Aloe Fresh Mask
  1. Face mask

Your skin needs moisture. Although you might feel that you need to be aggressive to treat acne it is actually right the opposite. Your acne prone skin needs a gentle approach so that it has the chance to heal and reduce further breakouts. Face mask is a great way to calm angry, irritated skin, especially if it contains soothing ingredients like alove vera, chamomile or cucumber. It’s Skin Aloe Fresh Mask Sheet (€4.05/£3/$4.74 from is rich in vitamin C and E and gives an intensive soothing and moisturising boost to acne prone skin.

  1. Use your treatments regularly

To get the results you want you have to use your products regularly. Clean your face in the morning to give it a fresh boost, clean your face in the evening to remove all the makeup and other impurities and to allow your skin to breath, exfoliate regularly, apply a face mask once a week and eat a balanced diet. If you will not be consistent you might never see an improvement.

  1. Don’t damage your skin

The most important thing is to leave the pimples alone. Keep your fingers away, no matter how itchy they may be. Always treat your skin gently and with care. If you can’t stand the whiteheads or the blackheads, visit a specialist who will take care of it professionally. At home you can also try Tweezerman No Slip Skincare Tool (€15/£13/$18 from Beauty Bay), a tool to remove whiteheads and blackheads without damaging the skin. The angled wire end glides over whiteheads to release debris from the pore while the opposite side’s long, flat loop is designed to gently press out blackheads.

Tweezerman No Slip Skincare Tool

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