Fitness blogger you will love: Carly Rowena

When you browse through her Instagram account it makes you want to stand up, kick your ass and just go work out. Carly Rowena is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger with her own YouTube channel, who knows how to strike a balance between a healthy lifestyle and eating chocolate. And this is what she wants to teach you through her YouTube channel, her Instagram workouts and her website full of healthy recipes. It’s ok to grab a slice of pizza but don’t do it every day, it’s good for you to eat a slice of cake but balance it with a healthy diet. Carly is definitely not another self-raised internet star who throws everything out of your diet in order to stay fit. She suggests finding a balance between what you love and what you really need. With her realistic approach and amazing sense of humour, you are going to like her for sure.


How did you become a personal trainer? Was sport something you always loved?

I’ve been a PT for 3 years but online for 4 years. My story is slightly backwards, I was working as marketing manager for BMW & MINI and although it was an incredible career it just wasn’t where Iwanted to be. I turned to YouTube in the hopes of finding out my passions, I had never known what I was good at, or what I wanted to be and when you don’t know it becomes really hard to train for it. I started making YouTube videos about various topics, from embarrassing bodies, to food, fashion, travel and fitness. It was the fitness videos that received the most amount of engagement and subsequently it was my followers who made me realise that my talent was fitness! 6 months later and I’d quit my job and become a Personal trainer, best thing I have ever done!

What do you like the most at being a personal trainer?

The opportunity to change someone’s life, most clients come to me wanting to change their body but after 6 weeks we’ve changed so much more than that, lifestyle, relationships, confidence, goals, it’s the best feeling!

What about blogging? What is your blog about and what inspired you to become a fitness blogger?

I became a blogger around 2 years after YouTube, I realised I had topics I wanted to talk about that didn’t feel right for YouTube, I write about everything from food, fitness, beauty, fashion, confidence, anxiety, homeware to travel.

What is your favourite workout?

I adore CrossFit and Tabata, anything high intensity that leaves me sweating and having to push for that final round. I love feeling strong, it gives me an independence I never knew existed.

What is the secret of getting fit? How to start?

There’s no big secret, it’s just preparation and time. We’re all searching for something to happen fast, it’s our downfall. We’re so used to being able to get everything we want the following day, fitness and health is slower.


You don’t go into strict diets rather support people to eat what they want but in moderation. How do you understand a healthy way of eating/living?

I teach my clients to add in new ingredients and food groups, instead of concentrating on taking everything out. Too often we decide to remove chocolate, carbs, alcohol but what if that’s all you enjoy? Life is short and for living, if you love treats, keep them just spread it out, this way you’ll stop crashing and binging. If you eat more foods without labels you don’t have to worry about calories.

What is your favourite food?

I’m lucky, I love all food groups, I adore gooseberry crumbles and can never say no to peanut butter and banana but I also love fish, just give me all the food!

I really love your workout clothes. Where do you shop the most?

I’m lucky that i get to work with some incredible brands, I always turn to Sweaty Betty for leggings, such good quality and always beautiful prints, also ASOS is an amazing place to be able to mix and match between brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok and more!

What is your favourite fashion brand that isn’t sport’s brand?

Oooh tough question, I adore Zara, I feel like I always buy something when I pop in, otherwise I love AndOtherStories and Urban Outfitters.

In what type of clothes do you feel the most comfortable in?

I usually go for something tight for legs and then a baggier band tee or big jumper, I’ve never really been a heels girl, so ankle boots or casual trainers. As long as my outfit allows me to eat, I’m happy!

What are your gym bag essentials?

I always carry a resistance band, my anger headphones, 1.5litre of evian water, a workout towel, skipping rope and origins lip balm.

Do you wear makeup when you work out?

Unless coming from a meeting or event I’m always makeup free, accept for my origins ginseng tinted moisturiser, I’m all about sun protection.


Do you have a mantra you live by?

Life is not an emergency.

I’ve noticed you travel a lot. How do you combine travelling and a healthy diet and exercise? I know I always forget about my limits when I am away… 

It’s SO hard, travel is definitely a killer for routine and reaching your goals. I always take a resistance band & skipping rope with me, walk as much as possible and always opt for the fresh salads, vegetables.

What are we missing if we haven’t (yet) read your e-book?

You’re missing my 12 week transformation, 12 weeks of workouts which can be completed at home or in the gym, you don’t need anything but yourself, although if you want to take it to the next level some home DB’s or a kettlebell is all you need.

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