Bring some yellow to brighten the day

When you spot a good bag you know you don’t have to think twice whether you want to have it or not. This happened to meEmily-Ratajkowski when I saw the yellow bag Emily Ratajkowski wore with her yellow jumpsuit.

The size of the bag is great for any outing you might have planned but what I really like is the colour. The yellow colour brings life to the outfit, making you forget that it is in fact winter outside.  If you are anything like me you have already started dreaming about spring, wondering when it will come.

That’s why I was more than pleased when I spotted Emily Ratajkowski in her yellow jumpsuit and bag combination. It’s a lovely way to start calling for spring. As you know, it is never too early to start doing this. After all, an accessory or two in bright colours will for sure make your day prettier.

Opt for yellow bag and see my selection below:


Launer Traviata bag @


Emilio Pucci @


Zara @

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