Meet the artist: KSAVI

Her work is phenomenal. It is seen that she loves what she does and that’s why she does it so good. KSAVI is a London based makeup artist, who specialises in celebrity and editorial makeup. I had a brief chat with her about her work and she not only shared why she loves makeup so much but also what are some of the biggest trends for the upcoming spring.

Makeup artist KSAVI

When did you know that you want to become a makeup artist?

I knew pretty early on in my life; I’ve always loved glamour, fashion, and the arts. I used to love watching a cabaret dancer called Helen who was prominent in Bollywood movies in the 60-80s and she always had the latest fashionable looks. Her makeup was trend-setting for that era. That’s where my love for makeup came from.

How long have you been in the business?

I’ve been in the industry for about 10 years, focusing on fashion makeup for half of that time.

What do you love the most about makeup?

Everything! I love skincare, makeup, the products, the innovation behind it, and the different applications and techniques around the world. I am still in awe to this day of how transformative makeup can be and change a mood from low esteem to full on power and confidence.

Where do you get inspiration from and who inspires you in the beauty industry?

As I said, Helen was a big inspiration, and another Bollywood actress called Madhubala. Also, recently, I love Madhuri Dixit, Neha Dhupia, and Priyanka Chopra. On the western front, I admire Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lopez. I’d like to do all these stars’ makeup. My makeup inspirations are Val Garland, Alex Box, Tom Pecheux, Mary Greenwell, Isamaya French, Pat McGrath and Lisa Elridge, Lucia Peroni, Charlotte Tilbury, and Terry Barber. I also love the work of Sam McKnight, Guido, and Nick Knight. Without them, a makeup artist’s work and those they inspire would just not look as splendid.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?

Keying up my first A-lister concert at the O2 was grand. My first print publication was special. Working with Vanity Fair has been awesome, and my first Paris Haute Couture show backstage was thrilling, a totally different world from home life. Every project is exciting, a different team, a different concept.

What makeup product(s) should no woman leave home without?

Skincare, lip balm, eyeliner, bronzer, and mascara!

Where do you look for latest beauty trends?

I follow social media, what’s coming out from the fashion shows, latest product innovations, and what the big skincare and makeup brands are saying.

What are some of the biggest trends for spring 2018 that you think will be seen on the streets?

I think blusher will be placed on the cheekbones higher; it’s more modern. Contouring (or excessive contouring) has had its day, gloss or shine will be around, glitters in the eyes smoked out instead of a smokey eye, and wine-stained lips. Those are some of things coming from the runway this season.

What is your advice for everyday makeup?

Start with a really good skincare regime; it’s so important to base the makeup up. For everyday makeup, I like just a few things: concealers instead of foundation, a winged liner, soft lips with a tinted balm, and a little bronzer or blush, finished with mascara, that’s it! I always use my bronzer to contour my eyes and accentuate the shape rather than put eyeshadow on for the day.

With Valentine’s Day nearing what kind of makeup would you recommend for this special day?

If it’s an evening look, be a little adventurous. Why not try a Holographic Smokey Eye? Barry M have some fab products. For lips, try a deep red or berry; I love what Rihanna is offering through Fenty Beauty. An alternative to smokey glitter eyes are the Pat McGrath eye palettes – they are lush!

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