How to use mineral cosmetic?

My conversation with Jameela from Bohemian Mineral Chic (read the interview about the brand here) got me inspired to ask her more questions about how to use the mineral cosmetic in real life. Is there any difference between how to use mineral cosmetic compared to “regular” one, what should we pay attention to when using this type of cosmetic and is radiant skin also a key for the perfect makeup? Jameela advises…

Jameela Kosar from Bohemian Chic Minerals

Why should a woman be using Bohemian Chic Minerals? What makes the brand unique?

I would love to say we are unique but we’re not. What we are though is a clean, pure, natural, vegan and cruelty free brand that tries to cater for all skin types, conditions, lifestyles and beliefs (religious or ethical). We are a free from brand, we’re free from chemicals, artificial, toxic and man-made minerals/ingredients. No alcohol, no nanoparticles, no double milled minerals or finely ground minerals, no animals ingredients including animal by products. Essentially no nasties and unnecessary ingredients.  This is why you should be using BCM, because it’s designed to help you take care of your largest organ. Your skin.

How it is best to apply your makeup?

With foundation, it depends on how you want to use. You can use it a liquid foundation by adding dry face oil (3-4 drops only), tinted moisturiser or as loose mineral foundation. The best way to use it as Powder is by building up the layer and buffing the foundation into the skin. Buffing warms up the mineral on your skin so it kind of melts on to your completion while working with your natural oils.

I personally start from the outside and work inwards to avoid applying to much in the middle. Also, a little goes a long way.  Only add more powder to areas you want to add additional coverage with a small clean brush. This will stop wastage and applying too much powder and avoids that awful cakey look. With Liquid, use the back of your (Clean) hand, add3-4 drops of dry face oil (I use Almond) and add small amount of minerals until you achieve the consistency you like (Remember, a little goes a long way). Apply as you would normally with liquid foundation. You can also use the same foundation as setting powder. All you need is a light dusting.

To use as tinted moisturiser, use the back of your hand and add as much or as little powder you like to your favourite moisturiser. It’s entirely down to you and how much tint you want.

What are your tricks for creating an everyday makeup look?

Keep it simple and less is more. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older that I prefer my everyday look to be clean and simple.  I wear my foundation (Olive) as a really light coverage because I don’t want cover up my freckles and just focusing on any imperfection with a clean small eye shadow brush.. My blusher is Boho which is really pigmented so a tiny bit goes a long way. When applying loose mineral blush, I use my fingers to dot a small amount blush on my cheek and then blend with the angel blush brush and blend. This way you don’t apply too much colour at once and it’s easier to build up.

When I’m out at events, you always find me behind my display eating and in between food and spreading the word about the benefits of minerals and vegan makeup, it does become hard to me make sure your lippy is still on point. I use arrowroot to set my lipstick so it lasts a bit longer in between vegan burritos and endless coffee refills.


What do we have to know about using mineral-based cosmetics?

Avoid a nano formula as it can block pores.

Avoid mineral makeup with Carmine. Carmine is used to get that pillar box red unless you synthetic dye. Carmine is crushed beetle.

Avoid man made minerals or mineral by products.

Avoid Shellac – the female Lac bug that adds gloss to mascara and nail varnish.

Do build coverage and colour. A little goes a long way.

Minerals are versatile i.e eye shadow mixed with jojoba is a fab lipstick, blush as eye shadow …etc.

Have fun and experiment.

What is your advice to keep skin looking healthy and radiant?

I have very temperamental skin but having a good skin care routine makes a huge difference.

*Drink plenty of water. Dehydrating skin is more likely to become flaky, irritated and spotty.

*Do not sleep in your make up, no matter how natural is it. Your skin recovers when you’re asleep.

*Do Cleanse, tone (especially if you have pores) and moisturise. You could also use a vitamin C booster powder mixed in your moisturiser or Vitamin C serum.

*Wash face twice a day with warm water.  Once cleanser is washed off, rinse your face with cold water, this will help reduce the size of pores and brighten up complexion.

* And last of all, get your 8 hours of sleep.

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