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I first heard of her through mutual acquaintance but she only got my attention after I was speaking to a friend who also suffers from different skin conditions. Then is when I got interested to explore more than just conventional cosmetic and was pleasantly surprised that you can do vegan, eco and gluten free and still use a cosmetic of good quality. Bohemian Chic Minerals was created by Jameela Kosar, who struggled on her own to find beauty products for her skin. Having super sensitive skin this was a constant battle for her and she almost gave up on using any beauty products until she got inspired to try testing different ingredients and mixing them into a combination that worked for her. Today I want to share her story, simply to tell you that even if you can’t find a cosmetic that works for you, look deeper, research and come to Bohemian Chic Minerals.


What inspired you to create your own cosmetic brand?

For years I struggled with finding makeup that didn’t react to my skin. I was always chopping and changing types of makeup in the hopes of finding something that would work for me. It became an expensive habit and the more I tried to find the perfect foundation or eyeshadow, the more irritated my skin became, but it still didn’t stop me. It was only when I was told that maybe I have sensitive skin and that I should really only use makeup that is designed for skin sensitivities, I thought “ahhh maybe that’s why I’m breaking out and have these really horrible dry patches, because I have sensitive skin”.

Believe it or not, finding out that I have sensitive skin was a relief. I now know what I can or cannot use.  Or so I thought. I just went to brands that were designed for sensitive skin. Without really understanding what it means to have sensitive skin. On the advice of a friend, I invested in a brand that had makeup specifically designed for sensitive skin. I spent a fortune, only to regret it after a few weeks, I broke out in what I could only describe as eczema looking bumps and 3 blisters on my cheeks. I was mortified and panicked. My sister also has sensitive skin and she didn’t react to it. I swore off makeup. My love affair was over and my skin changed drastically. What took days or weeks to cause irritation now is either instant burning or within a few hours I will know.

Years later I came across a lovely but very convincing sales lady with a mineral make up stall at my local shopping centre. After a “debate” about how nothing works for me she did finally convince me but I was still adamant it will not work. She put foundation on half my face and I waited for the tingly, the itch or the burning sensation, just something so I know. . 30 minutes.. nothing . Still not 100% convinced I carried on about my day with half my face done. The itch still didn’t appear so I went back to her and bought loads. I was so impressed, foundation, blusher, concealer and loads of eye shadows.  After a few hours more, I started to feel like my face was feeling tight and slightly irritated and really angry looking. My face became so red, I panicked, washed, cleansed and applied tea tree oil all over my face, and waited. Thankfully the redness and little itch was the worst of it. But it did get me thinking. I researched and tested mineral formulas (on me and my sister) for years until I found a combination that worked for us. It wasn’t until about a year or so later that I created Bohemian Chic Minerals.

Why should a woman be using Bohemian Chic Minerals? What makes the brand unique?

I would love to say we are unique but we’re not. What we are though is a clean, pure, natural, vegan and cruelty free brand that tries to cater for all skin types, conditions, lifestyles and beliefs (religious or ethical). We are a free from brand; we’re free from chemicals, artificial, toxic and man-made minerals/ingredients. No alcohol, no nanoparticles, no double milled minerals or finely ground minerals, no animal ingredients including animal by-products. Essentially no nasties and unnecessary ingredients.  This is why you should be using BCM, because it’s designed to help you take care of your largest organ. Your skin.

You promote vegan, cruelty free, organic. Why is this important to you?

Vegan, Cruelty free and Organic is the only option for us. Cosmetics should be Vegan and Cruelty free from the get go. There is no reason why you need torture animals to make beauty products safe for human use. If you have to go down that route then you need to think again. There are so many alternatives available that do not involve taking or harming another life. We cannot justify otherwise. Every life is precious. If we knew as a public what really goes behind the making of cosmetics, we would all go vegan/cruelty free with our products.

What about gluten free? I have so many people around me who can’t tolerate some cosmetic just because they include wheat ingredients. Or soy for that matter. Is Bohemian Chic Minerals gluten free as well?

We are Gluten Free and have been since conception. Not a lot of people know this but we don’t use food ingredients or extracts except in our Organic Lipsticks (Shea Butter and Tangerine Oil). I don’t just have chemical sensitivities but also food allergies. So a mineral ingredients make up was the only way forward. Food ingredients were never an option.

What does your range include?

Over the years, we added more and more products. So far we have; Mineral Foundation(Matt), Mineral Blush(Matt &Glow), Mineral Bronzer(Glow), Mineral Veil(Glow Face Powder, Mineral Correctors(Matt), Mineral Eye Shadow(Matt, Shimmer & Glitter), Eye Brow(Matt), Eye Liner(Matt), Masacara, Organic Lipstick(Matt, Creamy and Frosted) and our newest addition Mineral High Lighter. Our minerals are in loose mineral form, except the mascara and lipsticks.


What is your favourite product from Bohemian Chic Minerals?

It really hard to just pick one product when they are all your favourites. It’s like asking which child is your favourite and that’s really hard to do. They are all my favourite but I would have to say my best seller is our Vegan Lipsticks followed closely by our foundation and joint third eyeshadow –  blush and mascara also come close.

What is next for Bohemian Chic Minerals?

We don’t have any big plans just yet. At The moment we are still spreading the cruelty free beauty vegan vibe throughout the hundreds of grassroot events that we attend. What we do want to do is expand on the products that we have.  I would love to add more vibrant shade to our lipsticks collection and add more highlighter shades. We have a pink (Razzmic Berry) and gold (Flattery) highlighter but I really want a purple, orange and red highlighter to be added to our collection by summer latest, instead of being stuck on my “to do”list.

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