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A guide for winter holidays on the sun

Cold, snow and wind in your city. Sun, heat and sea on the other side of the world. What to choose? The answer is easy and much needed holidays are what we all deserve anyway.

To be honest I don’t do well with cold so I am always dreaming about holidays in a far-away land where sun is shining and sea is near. Caribbean sound attractive this time of the year but with Caribbean I imagine 5* resort, sandy beaches and high temperatures. And even though I am now freezing in my home city, it still warms my heart to even think I have the chance to book holidays somewhere where there is summer when we have winter.

If you are traveling somewhere warm this season, here is a guide of what I would pack and take with.


Let’s start with basis and choose a suitcase that will melt your heart. I love this Ted Baker Pink Cabin Case (available from that says with one word that traveling is so worth all the experiences and fun.


I like the red travel wallet, simply because of its sleek design and functionality. This one os from Lover of Luxe (
I found this gorgeous onepiece at Heidi Klein (, a brand I love for their attention to details as well as the fact that you can buy swimwear all year long. This white piece with black details is just what I imagine for the resort I was talking about.
OuiCover-up is important to me. I just never feel 100% confident while I am on the beach so I can never go without a pareo, but for a cocktail at the beach I find kaftan more appropriate. I got my eyes on this one from Oui (


Last the “Chill” necklace. I mainly like it because of the saying. Well that’s the only reason I like it as I couldn’t describe better what the motto of any holidays is. So go chill, relax and do some wine. Necklace is from Lola Rose (

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