Beauty on the slopes

Enjoying the snow always sound like a good idea and a day on the slopes is always so fulfilling. Looking good on the slopes is challenging though. Not only do you have to deal with freezing cold but also with snow reflecting sun that seems even more dangerous that the sun in the valley.

Before packing everything you need for the day of skiing prepare your skin to battle the harsh conditions you are exposing it too. And better yet take everything with so that you can reapply during the day.

What your skin need the most is protection. Protection against the burning sun and the unpleasant cold and harsh wind. An extra layer that saves the skin cells from becoming irritated, red or sensitive. It needs a good and appropriate skin cream – something that will keep your skin nourished so that nothing can get to it.

Yu-Be Moisturising Cream ( for instance is a highly concentrated glycerin moisturising cream that provides deep hydration for hours. It is highly concentrated so use it in small amount but it works best on dry skin.
Another amazing product comes from the Swiss. As we all know Swiss Alps are amazing to ski in so why not try their cosmetic too. viliv b deep rejuvenation serum ( vitalises the skin, provides new firmness and elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
When your workout on the slopes in finished pamper your skin with another great product. SportFX Cool Down Primer and Recovery Gel ( will instantly soothe, refresh and calm redness on your skin. Aloe Vera, water, vitamin E, C and F complex – the ingredients will make sure your skin is in good hands.

While you may have taken care of your skin there is one even more important area o your face that is often overlooked. Your lips. Lips are really so exposed and yet we tend to forget to offer a special treatment. SPF is important when thinking about the products you want to use on the slopes but also hydrating properties that calm your lips.

One of the first products that come to my mind with lip protection is Nivea Lip Balm. I’ve gotten so used of it being around that I often just go and buy it before even having a look if there is something more appropriate on the market. The Nivea Lip Care Sun SPF 30 ( has everything you need for a maximum protection. Vitamin E, Sun Flower Extracts, SPF… a protection from the effects of the sun and long lasting moisture.
There’s one more products that is also amazing and that is DHC Lip Cream ( This lip balm provides long-lasting moisture and soft, dewy, pampered lips.  Aloe soothes, olive oil neutralises free radicals while Vitamin E nourishes.

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