Top tips for winter skin

When winter comes to town we know we have to get cosy in warm clothes. Our skin on the other hand is the one that gets through difficult times adjusting to cold temperatures, dry air and harsh wind. It needs special attention, especially the skin on your face, neck and hands.

We could go on and debate what is good for your skin in winter months but without proper background that would just be black lines on the “paper”. That’s why we asked a professional, Jennie Lawson from Mimosa Beauty Salon (, who knows how our skin acts, to share her tips about how to survive winter weather and have a shiny skin when sun will be warmer again.

Jennie Lawson

“…wear suncream…”

The one thing most people don’t even think about is using a suncream in winter. Suncream provides a great barrier to environmental stress to the skin in winter months as well as protecting from harmful UV from technology and the sun.

When moving from the warm indoors to the blustery outdoors your skin can tighten and become stressed and chapped. A good SPF will help prevent this and protect it no matter the weather.

“…hydration is important…”

Keeping your skin hydrated is also vital in winter months. With central heating zapping all the natural moisture in the air it’s vital to up your hydration levels. Not only by drinking enough water but by also using a serum. A medicated vitamin c serum will help restructure the skin, boost collagen and elastin. Simply use underneath your normal moisturiser for a hydration kick.

If you’re looking for a good moisturiser I can’t recommend Elizabeth Arden pro enough.

“…eye cream is essential…”

Another essential for beautiful winter skin is eye cream especially as the clocks have just gone back. Eye cream will perk up the skin and the area around the eyes making you look brighter, more awake and rested.

“… eye cream is essential even for lips…”

For lips, use your eye cream. Eye creams don’t have oil in them so they’re perfect for the delicate skin around and on your lips. Also gently exfoliate your lips to get the dead skin off. Simply take your facial exfoliator gently down over your lips. Another life saver for lips is to use an SPF. Don’t use Vaseline or a lip balm as these won’t prevent against environmental damage, aging or moisture loss. A good quality SPF protection lip treatment will totally protect and nourish your lips leaving them soft and hydrated. Elizabeth Arden have a great one.

“…keep your brows groomed…”

Finally make sure you look after your brows. To keep them tiny and the skin around and under them moisturised take your eye cream up and into the brow.

Also, if you have your eyebrows professionally treated make sure they use hot wax not strip wax. In winter the skin can be extra sensitive and strip wax will make the area stay redder for longer and can also damage the skin itself. Hot wax requires an oil to be placed on the skin first adding an extra barrier of skin protection.

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