9 ways to look fashionable in winter

Winter and cold go hand in hand which usually means our main goal is to keep warm and we tend to forget about the fashionista in us. Did you hear about the memo “I am sorry for what I wore when I was cold”? We all have these kind of moments in every winter when it is just too cold to even care how the outfit looks as long as it does our work. However for all the other days there is always a way to keep warm and stylish. A look through the gallery will show you how the bloggers do it and how can you combine chic winter pieces in a lovely outfit.

Lauren from looks gorgeous in velvet dress.
Rochelle from wears colourful faux fur.
Vienna style lover Katja from loves faux fur and leather combination.
Denise from with faux fur sandals.
Jessica from with a velvet blazer that works for chic and sporty.
Ilse from in her variation of velvet dress.
Mara from dones a wrap velvet dress.
Maggie from in floral dress, a darker version suitable for winter.
Rachael from in winter florals.


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