6 secrets to younger looking hands

As we age we like to hide the early signs and continue with appropriate skin care every day. That is of course the story with the skin on our face. We tend to forget about our hands that are, similar as our face, the first showcase of early ageing. That’s why it is important to give your hands a special care just like you do to your face. The skin will be grateful and your hands won’t reveal your true age. Start early to keep your hands well hydrated.


  1. Moisturize your hands

Hand care is important from young age on. This will slow down the process of ageing and always keep them looking dewy and fresh. Use a good quality hand moisturizer and apply it several times during the day but minimum three times per day. Always apply moisturizer after you have washed your hands because they loose fat when in contact with water. In summer months you can opt for a lighter moisturizer but for winter choose something heavier like shea butter.

  1. Use sunscreen

Before you go out treat your skin with a sunscreen. Do it every day, especially now in warmer months that are coming. Hands get the most exposure all year long so they deserve a little bit of pampering. And because thin skin on the back of your hands is so susceptible to wrinkling and sun rays it is so important that you keep them protected on a daily basis.

  1. Wear gloves

Every time you are washing your dishes put on rubber gloves that protect your hands all the way to your elbows. This will keep the water away from your hands and prevent dehydration. Whenever you are outside gardening (or playing golf for that matter) also wear gloves to protect from UV light exposure.

  1. Hand massage

This relaxing method will increase blood flow and tighten up sagging skin. Treat your hands with a massage once a week. First shake out your hands and then massage with small circular movements and medium pressure. Work your right thumb over your palm ad up and down each finger. Turn over your hand and repeat. Don’t forget about your other hand. Use olive oil for easy grid and better hydration.

  1. Apply foundation

When you want to instantly camouflage fine lines and age spots use this trick that does wonders. Add a pea-size of liquid foundation to a bigger amount of hand cream and rub it over the top of your hands.  This will help even out your skin tone and smooth the look of the wrinkles.

  1. Pamper your nails

Hands that radiate youth need to be pampered from wrist to fingertip. That means you should pay attention to your nails too. Pay a visit to your manicurist one a month but on a daily basis apply cuticle oil as healthy nails start with healthy cuticle. Also take a break from nail polish once in a while to let your nails recover.

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